Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

His Spirit Still Lives

Reflections of the past, realization of the present, and hopes for the future

As my honor to  Martin Luther King, Jr., I share with you my thoughts on a man who stood in the forefront for peace and equality and how he is remembered today.  My earliest recollection of Martin Luther King, Jr. is the dumbed down version of what was originally taught to me in elementary school, most likely during this time of the year.  What I knew of him then, black  man, civil rights leader, against violence, famous for “I Have a Dream” speech, assassinated for his beliefs. My vow in 2011 is to learn my culture, my history, not just of Martin Luther King, but of all great African American leaders and social activists, and to teach my children that not all things can be learned in the classroom. 

Daughter, Bernice King, is president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a group co-founded by her father 54 years ago, knows all too well the importance of upholding her father’s legacy and philosophy of nonviolence.  “I am a King, yet I am mindful that I am not the only one, ” King said as she stood in front of a congregation at Ebenezer Baptist Church.  Bernice King plays a key part in the movement for advancement of social equality and recognizes the crucial role and leadership of women in society today.   

“It is critical to the success of the next generation of social change to have the full and active commitment and participation of girls and women of all ages,” King said. “After all, as my mother would remind me, a woman’s place is in the struggle. We must be the soul of a nation.” MLK’s Daughter To Head Civil Rights Organization

The community makes a committment to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., through acts of service.  The Corporation for National & Community Service has organized a call to mark the 25th anniversay of the King Holiday a day on, not a day off, by launching the MLK 25 Challenge.  All Americans are urged to take a pledge to perform at least 25 acts of kindness during 2011 that will make a difference in the lives of others in and around their communities.  Learn how to take part in this action:

His spirit still lives on through his children, through me, and through the community.

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