Fail to Plan; Plan to Fail.


No, nobody died!  BUT, braving blustery winds, maneuvering through snowflakes the size of cotton balls, combating failed windshield wipers, defeating swerving cars, hitchhiking, YES, you heard right, I said hitchhiking, and walking in snow covered streets up to my ankles, sure felt like an out of body experience to me, that deserves some afterthought and further examination.

Allow me to explain.  The phrase ‘Post Mortem’ is the saying my husband and his colleagues have coined the accountability meeting which is held at work after an (IT) catastrophe has happened to discuss the previous day’s events.  A typical agenda would follow as such:

  1. Explanation of initial problem
  2. Attempts taken to remedy the situation    
  3. Road blocks encountered or loss associated with failure
  4. Resolution
  5. Lessons learned
  6. Action plan to avoid future occurences

 And with that, here are the turn of events that brought me to the Post Mortem table to account for the day after winter storm, January 26, 2011.

1. I went to work, despite repeated warnings of a nor’easter snowstorm with potential of up to five inches of snowfall.

2. No attempts to go home initially, until the government dismissed everyone 2 hours early from work.  My departure time was 4:00pm, unfortunately I was doomed.  Obviously, way to late.  And so the saga begins….

3. I-270N was disastrous and became a virtual parking lot.  My car put me out on the side of the road stranded with no where to go. Worse, when I tried to to flag down a ride-on transit bus, the driver shouted that the bus was too full, and shut it’s doors in my face. 

4. And then, a stranger appeared in a SUV, who I’ll say was sent by God. Only because, Lord knows I am not the one to get into anyone’s car that I don’t know. But I was a little desperate to say the least.  He asked me where I was headed to, and let me tell you, when he said he was  going in the same direction, I just knew my prayers for help were answered.  A commute home of usually 45 minutes had taken me a total of 5 hours, and left me with a $263 towing fee. 

5. Looking back at all of this, I must admit that the chaos that ensued could have greatly been avoided if only: I stopped using up every hour of my leave until the next pay period that causes me to have to go into the office on days like this one; paid more attention to the weatherman’s forecast; AND listened to my husband’s numerous pleas for me to leave work early.

6.  You can best believe that next time at the first sight of a snowflake I am out the door! 

The take home message from me sharing my experience is an example of how our lives can be easily altered in the blink of an eye when we fail to plan.   In the words of Maya Angelou,  “Hoping for the best, prepared for the worst, and unsurprised by anything in between.”

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For Your Eyes and Ears Only

Post-A-Week challenge – Topic: Write about something you’ve never told

Thought the title would get your attention.  Who isn’t up for some juicy gossip or latest happenings concerning someone else’s business.   So, what is it!   Dag, could you wait a minute.  There is a science to this that you must follow before just jumping straight into the rumor mill.  (1) You have to have the story straight, remember all the details, where you were, who was there.  Oh yeah, and (2) a little bit of background information about the situation at hand, meaning a mini-bio of that other person’s issue, is usually a must, especially if sharing the 411 of someone no one knows.   Alright already, would you tell us what’s going on?   Shh!  One other thing, (3) you must always remember to tell other people’s business, not your own, that way YOUR business won’t be out in the streets, and others will think of you as “Patti Perfect”, the doer of no wrong.  So, there you have it.   Have what, I thought you were going to tell us something good?  I did.  Were you even listening to me?  I just told you, The Basic Principles of “Spilling the Beans”, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, when it doesn’t involve you, of course.

What else did you think I was talking about?  Get your mind out of the gutter people! Cause’ you can be rest assured you will  find none of that here.

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Post a Week Challenge

Today I have decided to begin what I’m calling my “Life Uncharted” series as part of the Post a Week Challenge for 2011.

What this means is that you will see an increase in my posts aside from my weekly Top Five Friday. These topics will be random and are automatically generated through The DailyPost and the community of other bloggers with similar goals.

While I intend to stay true to my all inspiring wholesome goodness self that you are accustomed to reading here, (funny right?) I am pretty confident that as part of this challenge, I will be taken out of my comfort zone.  Do as you will with these other posts. Hopefully you will find something intriguing to gleam from my ramblings. 🙂

As always, thanks for supporting me. I hope that you will continue to encourage me with your comments along the way.

Bottoms up to my success!

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