Are you my mother?

Please tell me I’m a two-headed, 4-armed monster, with the strength of Mr. Incredible and know-it all of Yoda. For then I will truly know and understand why:

  • I should be able to smile through my tears
  • In a moments notice be asked to plan, organize, and coordinate a dance routine for four screaming 9 year old girls 
  • I spend my weekends making home-made ballet tutus
  • I give choices between A or B and am told why C is better
  • We both have the same exact food or drink, but mine seems to taste better
  • I’m supposed to remember everything
  • It’s my fault that the sandwich was soggy, and I forgot to pack the juice box
  • I feel guilty for not attending every classroom party or school event
  • I should have endless ideas for dinner
  • Mommy just does it better!

  Is it just me; or have you had one of these days too?

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Real Housewives of Civil Rights

‘Spoof of the Real Housewives of Atlanta’

The all-black female comedy ensemble, Elite Delta Force 3, recently released a comedy sketch on Youtube called The Real Housewives of Civil Rights. The bit presents wives of civil rights leaders, including Coretta Scott King, Betty Shabazz, Maya Angelou, Winnie Mandela, as cast members on a Bravo-esque reality show. Marilyn Monroe is a curious addition to the group, but we think she might represent the Kim Zolciak of the bunch.

It’s hard not to laugh out loud at this production: when it’s time to leave at a “ladies-only” luncheon organized by Winnie Mandela, Rosa Parks refuses to get up. Betty Shabazz admonishes Rosa, “You don’t always have to refuse to give up your seat all the time.” The Elite Delta Force 3 should be celebrated for their hilarious critique of the Real Houswives franchise, but, in all seriousness, where’s Angela Davis in this skit?

Is It Just Me, or have you had enough of reality T.V.? Let me know what you think?

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Good Things To Come for 2011

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