Do You Know Your Footprint?

If you are already in the habit of recycling, conscience about the conservation of water, and preservation of the Earth’s beauty than you are probably familiar with the term ecological footprint.  It is a means of measuring the amount of human consumption of land and sea that a person uses in their everyday lives and the earth’s ability to basically keep up with it.  If humanity does not begin to scale back to a more simplistic lifestyle, void of waste, eventually what can happen is the demand for space will become too great for the Earth until it is no longer capable of sustaining such high expectations.

The same could be said for a psychological footprint.  Which would measure the amount of emotional energy that a person expends every day on things that rob and deplete your life sources of the body’s daily requirements.  If we are not careful to replenish ourselves mentally we can exhaust all of our reserves and begin to run on fumes causing us to have detrimental breaking points in our framework. 

Be mindful of your daily footprint, take stock of your emotional capacity, and know your limits.

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  1. ‘Take stock of your emotional capacity…’. I love this idea. We guard our time and we are careful with our money so how wise is it to also guard our emotional capacity – smart.

  2. I am definately not as environmentally aware as I need to be. Thanks for this blog!

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