Top Five Friday

Behind the scenes.

I’m starting this weeks Top Five Friday off a little differently today. Think of it as a bit of a behind the scenes look at how most concepts for Top Five Fridays are created.

I frequently get asked the question, “How do you come up with your topics?” My short answer, “Ancient, Chinese Secret!”. (Remember that old Calgon detergent commercial?) Alright, just kidding. So ask me again; and I’ll tell you that generally my ideas stem from something that I have encountered in my everyday life. My topics may be spurred by a recent conversation I’ve had, current events, or I’m simply coaching myself through a woe-is-me moment; hence the tons of motivational posts. 🙂 Couple this with several late nights and there you have it. There’s no denying that it has been lots of hard work too, but it has been worth every minute of it.

So now I know you’ll understand when I tell you that today’s Top Five Friday couldn’t be more befitting as an end of week topic for the Like Water series. Case in point, you remember my winter storm adventure last Wednesday, Fail to Plan; Plan to Fail, The Nor’Easter Post Mortem. Well, can you believe that just yesterday I read an article from entitled “5 Ways To Keep Your Commute from Killing You”. The article is about ways of coping with your daily commute to and from work for a more healthier experience. See all the connections?! — my drama, personal health. It’s all relative. O.K.A.Y., you stick to reading and I’ll stick with this writing thing. 😉 Moving on…

when all you see is RED!

Ask anyone in the Washington, DC metropolitan area what the worst part of their morning is and you’ll most likely hear, “TRAFFIC!”  Just the mere thought of it can send your blood pressure sky rocketing, make you lose you religion, or damn sure push you over the edge.   And to add even more insult to injury, according to a 2010 Urban Mobility Report, the gridlock is getting worse.  Some try to find some solace from the commuter chaos by riding the subway, bus or train. Even then you run the chance of contending with crowds, delayed trains or buses, and the occassional abnoxious passenger from hell.  Still most of us are left with no choice but to drive our own cars and brave the rush hour traffic jam because of scheduling conflicts, distance, or even daycare arrangements.  In the latest article entitled “5 Ways To Keep Your Commute from Killing You” you’ll find ways to help you keep your sanity and at the same time get your health in check.  Below are a few of the main points of the article.  But, be sure to read it for yourself; your body will thank you for it later!

Today’s Top Five Topic: Beating the Commuter Blues

. Laugh to keep from crying: Listening to comedy while stuck in traffic will distract you from worrying and can lower stress.

A good laugh lowers levels of stress homones

: Avoid being bored to death, literally.  Instead turn up your favorite song or listen to an audio book.

Last year, British researchers published a papaer that suggested a link between chronic listlessness and heart problems. 

:. Relax, Relate, Release: Practice deep breathing techniques, and shoulder/neck exercises to release the tension.

Roll your shoulders, loosen your grip on the wheel and spread out your fingers.

:: Steer clear from road rage: Agressive driving makes the commute that much worse.

… instead of letting anger over traffic or agressive drivers make you act the same way, use this “downtime” in a positive, productive way. 

::. Think happy, be happy:  Don’t let the commute steal your joy.  Instead focus on something you are thankful for or appreciate.

… turn fatigue and resentment around.  You may just arrive at your destination in a more content physical and emotional state.

How do you beat the commuter blues? Or, share the story of your worse commute ever.

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  1. Great post. I feel you on everything, including Calgon’s “Ancient, Chinese Secret!” I think we just aged ourselves. Have a fantastic weekend. — PeachiePW

    • Hi Peachie,

      So you caught the “Ancient, Chinese Secret!” Too funny! I watched the old commercial on and it sure brought back some memories. What a good laugh! Thanks for joining in on the conversation.

      Peace and blessings,

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