In The Silence of Words

Have you ever found yourself lost in translation of some nit wit’s joke, statement, or comment that clearly left you scratching your head? Happens most often in awkward situations like on an elevator, subway, standing in lines, and none other than the workplace.  I’m not saying to be rude, but why not just a polite “hello” to acknowledge the other person, and a “have a good day” upon your departure.

It’s this sort of nervous energy that is emitted in the air that makes one think they must engage in senseless conversation.  Afraid of the newness or oddity of being still or silent. What’s so wrong with taking in the moment for what it’s worth as an observer instead of a reporter all the time. To just be and delight in your own surroundings.  It will give you a heightened sense of awareness of who you are and your intrinsic purpose with nature. 

Instead of the unnecessary banter, why not challenge yourself to arouse your other innate senses of smell, tastetouch, sight or hearing. While you may not be able to explore these possibilities with a complete stranger; there are some ways to have fun with your senses in your personal life.   Here are a few ideas:  rediscover your likes and dislikes by tasting foods from a different culture, rejuvenate lost feelings or emotions with your partner by sharing a passionate kiss, and rejoice in your inner peace and solitude by taking a relaxing aromatic bubble bath, and don’t forget those candles! 

Tune out the audible disturbances and get in touch with the beat of your own drum.

What are some other benefits of going into the ‘silent zone’ that you can think of?

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