The day after Thanksgiving is like a public service announcement to begin the shopping frenzy.  Some of us will throw caution to the wind and spend money that we don’t have on things that we don’t need.  It’s really not that serious.  Just like the rest of you, I too like to shop, and will probably spend more than I should as well.  But before we do the unthinkable, let’s have a Shopping 101 refresher.  There are three fundamental “Rs” that you should know before buying anything.  The intent of all purchases must be: (1) Rationale (use common sense); (2) Reasonable (must be practical); and (3) Responsible (can you afford it).  With that in mind, on your marks, get ready, set, Go!

Today’s Top 5 Topic is:  Holiday Shopping Tips, things NOT to do.  

.   Do not shop without a list.

:   Do not throw away receipts. 

:.  Do not shop while in a hurry or at the last minute. 

::  Do not carry large amounts of cash.

::. Do not finance more than you can repay within 6 months.

Without a plan, you will likely get caught up in the hype.  Give the gift of love this holiday season instead and it won’t cost you a thing.



Did you get there yet?  Did you meet that deadline?  I understand, but, what’s the status?  Sounds all too familiar.  Day in and day out we’re faced with everyday challenges that sometimes push us to our limits.  It’s up to us to decide how to react, or more importantly, how not to.  Your path in life is predicated upon “YOU”.  So the question is, What chu gonna do ’bout it? 

If you remember, my first Top Five Friday was 5 Ways to Manifest Your Desires into Existence.  They were ASK, BELIEVE, EXPECT, ACCEPT, RECEIVE.  At the time I didn’t go into much detail about what each of those steps to deliberate creation meant.  I felt it would be a good topic for re-discussion especially since I most recently encountered two similar questions posed by two different sister friends, who by the way don’t know each other.  The first question was, “Do you have the courage to be you?”, the second question was, “Are you wearing a mask?”.  Deep, right?   

Take a minute and think about whether you are living your most purposeful life. 

Today’s Top 5 Topic is: Getting to your purpose

.   ASK, claim what you want

:   BELIEVE, trust that it is yours

:.  EXPECT, know what you desire

::  ACCEPT, give yourself  permission to have it

::. RECEIVE, live your dream; be who you want to be

Don’t continue living your life in the passenger seat.  It’s time for you to take control of the wheel.



This past weekend, Sunday, November 7th, BET hosted “Black Girls Rock!”,, a spectacular event showcasing some of the most exceptional, influential, and phenomenal women of color. Many of the women honored that evening are considered true visionaries of their time, who, through their musical talents, acting, social and political views, have made it to where they are today and along the way have inspired us all to be our best. Congratulations my sistas!

Perhaps we may never cross paths with any of these celebrated women, but I know each of us has a personal “SHE-ROE” who has made a difference in our lives. To them we say, Thank You!

Today’s Top 5 Topic is:  SHE-ROE Spotlight

.    My mother, for raising 4 beautiful young women, and 1 beloved son.

:   My daughter, for scoring an 89 on her 3rd grade math assessment test.

:.  To a special survivor, who has defied the odds with the strength and will to live.

::  All my true sister friends, for holding it down as a mother, grandmother, daughter, wife, sister, aunt, cousin, niece

::.  High school mentor/counselor, who helped me get my first government job in 1992, it’s been 18 years later.

Who’s your SHE-ROE?



lyrics by Whodini:

How many of us have them?
One’s we can depend on
How many of us have them?
Before we go any further, lets be
*Friends* ……

Good friends are hard to find and even harder to keep.  If both are not considerate of the other or willing to give and take what is necessary to sustain the friendship, it just might come crashing to a screeching halt.

Today’s Top 5 Topic is:  Friendship Sins

.    Never abandon ship during a crisis: If you’re afraid of imposing, send a text, email, flowers, or anything to let the friend know you’re thinking of them.

:    Never steal their joy: Has something amazing happened to your friend?… new home, new job, if so, let them have their time to shine.  Don’t try to top their moment.

:.   Never overstep your boundaries: Know when to offer the advice and when to just listen.

::   Never force a friendship:  Acknowledge when the friendship has become an obligation and is no longer gratifying.

::.  Never self-reflect your own thoughts, desires, or feelings as being those of others:  Respect the fact that your friends are not clones of yourself. 

What’s your deal breaker?




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